Wear that old fur coat

Red fox sleeping in the snow

Back in the good old days you could bang the secretary as long as you gave her a fur coat, because as we all know the female heart grows fonder when exposed to the factory farming of mink/rabbit/puppies/whatever.

Then around the 1980’s onwards a gentlemen had to resort to jewellery to win affections, due to secretaries viewpoints being twisted by various animal rights groups/Signet Group propaganda.

Now however, the notion of wearing real fur is so far removed from acceptability, that a casual “It’s fake fur, obviously” is hardly needed to avoid a can of red paint being unloaded on you at the opera. So dig out that fox fur wrap from your wardrobe of shame that your auntie had to debase herself for, and wear it to those god awful free Chopin recitals that the CBSO puts on in order to remind itself that 95% of all music ever written is trash.


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