TV licensing, or saving 40p a day

TV licence begging letter

There are two things you can tell about someone within five minutes of meeting them. Firstly, their pallid visage will race their mouth to inform you that they are a vegan. Secondly, every insufferable who doesn’t have a TV licence will proudly proclaim it.

I had a TV licence until space year 1999, when I changed banks, and the BBC was the only group of nonces I was giving money to who couldn’t quite cope with the huge organisational demand of a direct debit instruction change.

Since then BBC has been; sending me letters, telephoning me asking me what my favourite TV show is – then gravitating towards questions designed to scare me about non payment, and once they even showed up at my front door. If they had only sorted that direct debit out, they could have spent all that time and effort on rigging more Blue Peter animal naming competitions instead.

By messing up this direct debit, the BBC has maybe cost themselves around £2761 so far (16 years of missed tax and inflation).
The maximum fine for non payment is £1000.
The average fine for non payment is £400.
The actual fine if you don’t let leather clad thugs roam your house is £0.

I am also a vegetarian, but I wear leather shoes, so I don’t talk about that much.

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