Traffic lights need a cancel button

Post apocalyptic looking traffic light crossing panel

This post apocalyptic looking traffic light panel (don’t worry, it’s just what Halesowen looks like) needs a cancel button.

Example scenario:
Stand by traffic lights, grimacing at the fumes and noise.
Press the magic button, multiple times, because you don’t trust the feedback given.
See a gap in the traffic, peg it across the road, inwardly congratulate yourself on saving 30 seconds of your life you can spend surfing reddit later.
Shamefully glancing behind you, watch as the lights turn red and all the cars obediently stop, even though no one now actually wants to cross.
Wish there was a cancel button you could have pressed when you got to the other side so that the 5 cars now waiting could have spent 30 seconds extra surfing reddit when they got home.

Now admittedly, there are probably a few more scenarios here to consider, but since the morning rush hour lasts approximately until the afternoon rush hour, every piece of optimisation is useful.

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