Toilet lollipop seller emancipation and negotiating

Filthy toilet cubicle
Filthy toilet cubicle

Like the lower decks of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier, you might be forgiven for thinking that the concept of emancipation had never reached toilet lollipop sellers ears, maybe this is the reason for their non negotiating stance, being unfamiliar with the concepts involved.

I was touching my Johnson in the Brasshouse pub on a recent Saturday afternoon (they start the lollipop trade early in Brum) and decided to do my bit for the bizarrely happy gentleman who had stacked so many bottles of crap around the sink, that I briefly mistook it for a ladies bathroom. Not wishing to pay the full £1 for a lollipop which are probably sourced for around 10p, I suggested he sell me 2 for £1, which is still a healthy margin, for himself or whoever he contracts for/is in indentured servitude to.

This bargain was refused, and I left with no juicy taste in my mouth (despite rumours, not unusual for my toilet visits). I cannot help thinking that this was unproductive for the economy of the UK, and his little part of it in particular. Perhaps he is accountable to stocktaking, and his boss would suspect foul play. Perhaps he is salaried. Perhaps he thought I was a cheapskate. If ever a hard hitting Guardian investigation was required, it is in these bogs.

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