PSVR will kill me


resident evil kitchen demo

Playstation Virtual Reality (PSVR) will kill me. I can see it happening in a couple of ways:

Heart attack induced by some skinny,scraggly haired, long dirty finger nailed, half naked woman appearing in front of me. Resident Evil 7 and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood being the likely candidates. Playing at 2:30 am and screaming at the top of my lungs doesn’t endear myself to my lovely quiet Chinese neighbours either. Although one is from Taiwan and the other from the mainland,¬†which should probably be a sitcom.

Desiccated corpse found slumped on sofa after Fallout 4 is made a VR game. Your typical “police break into house after reports of decomposition smell” situation. It is only going to take one killer app and taking the headset off to have a drink is going to seem like something that can easily wait a while. Much like going for a piss does at the moment when playing Borderlands 2.

I hope Sony will fully exploit my death for marketing purposes, but suspect they will pussy out instead.

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