Overpopulation, cause of all the problems

[No picture for this one, just look out the window]

It’s not a difficult conclusion to make, if you have ever lived in a city, or on planet Earth in general. Most of the worlds problems are caused by too many people, let’s list a few easy ones:
General pollution, pressure on clean water supplies.
General environmental destruction, deforestation caused by increased demand for food, other resources.
Birmingham city centre being a busy, noisy, mental illness inducing, hellhole.
Traffic jams for half the day.
Climate change – too late, but less people = less carbon in atmosphere.
House prices – only so much land to use.

I once told this to a real life lady in a pub, her immediate response was that population control would mean no babies, and the extinction of the human race. What a dozy cow. Presumably she never went on a diet either, because then she would starve to death.

The politicians are too pathetically chicken to address this issue, but when you get paid outrageous wages and get to have a chauffeur, the poverty and traffic jam aspects don’t bother you I guess. Pussies. Governments in Russia and Japan are actually encouraging more mewling balls of snot, which has to be the laziest way to get economic growth.

Maybe rising living standards will sort this out, but if you ever bet your civilisation on a TED talk, you are on a risky path.

Oh well fuck it, I haven’t selfishly crapped out any kids, so you lot can sort your own mess out.

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