Macmillan, using cancer to absolve personal responsibility

Macmillian advert "You never imagine that you have to save for cancer"

To the topics of veganism and dodging the TV licence that cause people to immediately spew their guts, we can add cancer. If your pet had cancer, and I make a hilarious cancer quip, I’ll be hearing about bloody Tiddles’ brave struggle. If you didn’t listen to your doctor properly, and you think you have a 50% chance of getting some girly cancer in the next fortnight, I’ll be hearing of it pronto, in your shaming voice. Or perhaps you cleverly blagged having cancer of the nads, just to get the chemo to save you having to buy some condoms. Respect.

Anyway, the charity Macmillan, that uncommonly advertise their services, rather than just beg at you constantly, had the above advertising image recently. “You never imagine that you have to save for cancer”.

What else shall we add to that list?
Never imagine that you might need a new car?
Never imagine you might lose your job?
Never imagine the chimneys might need taking down?
How unimaginative can you be?

Americans have the concept of an emergency fund, where you save a bundle of cash for unforeseen events. An American financial solution that doesn’t involve a credit card? I was amazed too.

So you should imagine that your cruel, capricious god will smite you in some random way and save some cash for it. So how about we change that advert to this: “Save some cash for when life fucks you over, and try not to be a charity case eh?”

Macmillan spoof advert

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