M film commentary, ridiculous and wrong

Thinking that the BFI bluray commentary track of “M”  by Anton Kaes and Eric Rentschler might be more than two ivory tower cocooned idiots trying to one up each other, I foolishly listened to it. Six minutes in and this pretentious bullshit struck me, listen to the shaky potato cam video above if you don’t believe me:

“Notice here the composition, the bending of the figure, of the shadow, matching graphically the bending of the mother, who curiously also has a knife in her hand. This is a film that is establishing links with characters that are surprisingly not obvious”.

The mother is bending down and has a knife in her hand because she is preparing a meal!! Any link between scenes you have deliriously made up, because you once had to do a thousand word essay on M and this is the sort of shit that somehow would get you a decent grade!

The commentary is filled with nonsense like this, like two immature teenagers with low self esteem desperately trying to impress. They should visit the Ikon Gallery.

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