List of things which aren’t real

Victorian ghost

Here are a list of things, which aren’t real. I hope you find this list useful in your life’s decisions:
Ghosts – although this one is good for getting kids to go to otherwise dull national trust houses.
Psychic ability/spoon bending magic – and anything else that knobling Uri Geller professes.
Graphology – handwriting analysis. Despite the hard-on the BBC has for it.
The Bermuda Triangle – child of the 1970’s.
Bigfoot – there are other ways to explain that matted piece of trash panda shit you found in the woods.
Gods – this one can save you some serious cash/time/childhood abuse.
Dowsing – My and a mate once spent an afternoon doing this, we were convinced it was real. I was 18. The shame.

I still have a soft spot for phrenology, though this is born from having seen the inbreeding and evolutionary pressures of residents of Gornal Wood, leading to an increased forehead skull thickness, used in the violent, drunken, headbutting rituals of the local public houses.

Sources: If you gave a shit about decent sources, you wouldn’t believe half the crap you do, so let’s not waste anyone’s time here, ok?

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