I lucked out at life

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This unread blog may be a barely relenting moanathon, the sort that will make you not call a friend because they are too depressing, and you wouldn’t really be bothered if they killed themselves anyway, you heartless fuck. But actually I consider myself to have lucked out at life due to a few reasons:
1) I was born in the UK
So not much in the way of danger to life and limb, good healthcare and government institutions that mostly function. It could have been Indonesia, which is so shit that despite the overflowing number of people there they need to import Welshmen to make decent martial arts films. Maybe it’s un-Islamic to touch cameras or something.
2) Free university tuition and grant
Yeah, we used to get PAID to go to university. You didn’t even need to be that good at exam papers, some careless enrolment officer accidentally stamped me in with A-levels of C, C, D. Christ. And that was the proper Manchester University too. These days you can kiss £30k goodbye for just swapping UCAS numbers.
3) Managed to buy a house when it was humanly possible without 25 years worth of debt
Back in the days of yore you could look at a slum Victorian terrace and pick one you liked for £45k. Then as long as you could stomach the office grind before you went insane, you could throw money at the mortgage and get the thing payed off. Of course, if you decided that things like garages, neighbours you can’t hear and inside toilets were more to your liking, you were still screwed with a £100k mortgage, but hey, at least you had the choice to buy one you could afford.

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