Greek civilisation, hit and miss

greek parking, at the bus stop

One one hand we have the above image, a caricature of the streets of Athens. A car parked at a bus stop. The car ironically being used to *teach* driving and presumably parking etiquette. Great lesson. The cherry on top being a motorcycle in the middle of the pavement. It’s like a double “fuck you” to pedestrians -“You ain’t catching the bus, and the pavements ours as well”. That car was also in the exact same spot 24 hours later. Still, it helps keep the near dead population down.

On the other hand we have the masses of stray cats, sunning themselves in the streets and gardens of Athens, looking anywhere between preened and like they just got out of bed (reasonable, when you sleep so much of the day). In such shitholes as half of India, these stray animals would be designated as holy, and lazily left to roam uninterrupted into the traffic. In Athens however, from talking to a lady who was attending to a group of 10 cats, I discovered they are fed food to the tune of €300 a month, which would be less, but the arrogant balls of fluff are choosy about which brands they eat. They have also been neutered, which is a far sighted and truly civilised act, and one which I wouldn’t have a problem subjecting a “random” 50% of the human population to.

So I think a little shit parking can be excused, in light of “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”, which if Mahatma Gandhi said it, must surely have been with the aim of shaming his own nation.

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