Fuck the disableds, I prefer greenery

Trees planted in middle of pavement

You wake up in the morning, and due to various terrible decisions in your life up to this point you actually have to go outside. What would you rather see on the pavement, some half man, half machine wheeled mech trundling along, or the beautiful cool lush greenery of trees?

The image above shows that the Athenians have the right idea, their pavements have the two fold benefit of being impassible to the ones the gods have cursed, so they have to stay inside, and a verdant wonder to those of use who sacrificed appropriately at the local temple, and can thus perambulate at will.

In the UK, the pavements are clear of such obstacles, and everyone has to suffer the sight of the morbidly obese whirring along on scooters and no one gets to see any greenery. Lose lose. Instead we have to look at the four wheelie bins outside every bloody house, stinking up the place because they only get slothfully taken away once every 3 weeks.

So go grab a shovel, and go plant all kinds of wondrous foliage in your street, try to ensure that the navigable gap is less than 24 inches. Add a patch a dirt at the bottom that nature can also reclaim, to further hinder the disableds, and as a bonus perhaps funnel those with baby pushchairs into the traffic too.

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