Demarvel, a new TV picture mode

The expanse, screen cap, black and white

Most black and white films are shit, that’s why people didn’t even bother to keep most of them. But The Expanse TV show, which at times threatens to be pretty good, was seemingly shot in colour, then changed to black and white in post production. There are occasional brief flashes of colour that hint at what a great looking show it could be. Instead we get drab, dull, boring, plain, lifeless, flat, ugly images. Ugh. You clearly spent money on the show, so keep whatever talentless colour grader prick that does this away from the desaturation controls and stop them from ruining other peoples hard work.

Disney keeps pulling this nonsense with all its average, tiresome, money printing superhero flicks too. Trying to calibrate skin tones on a new TV must be impossible if you, <shudder>, only own Marvel films. Baz Luhrmann wouldn’t stand for this fuckery.

It is similar to PC game mods, where some hack thinks that by ramping up a few sliders in Star Wars Battlefront or GTA 5, he has added much of value. When all he has really done is made the hard work of others look slightly different, and is attempting to claim credit for it.

Clearly I need a new TV with a post processing feature that adds colour back into TV shows. Let’s call it “Demarvel“, which is already more descriptive than the endless image enhancement features I currently disable (live colour, reality creation, motionflow, detail enhancer, edge enhancer, skin naturaliser, noise reduction, mpeg noise reduction, dot noise reduction etc.). Adding this one is perfectly within the realms of possibility. I’ll email Sony about it.

The expanse, screen cap, demarvelled

Or maybe “Jaundice” mode.

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