600 video games complete, my wasted life


The above link will open a google sheets spreadsheet, detailing the 600 video games I have completed in lieu of leading a normal, balanced, healthy life. Also a completely accurate, objective rating out of 10.

The below link will do something similar, detailing the glorious worlds I have lived in and conquered. The beauty defying vistas, musical triumphs and incredible technical feats that were tirelessly created over years by teams I happily gave my money to.


Perhaps I can get to 1000 completed before I rot away to nothingness.

A high divorce rate is admirable

Bruges, from that funny film

Having been dubiously informed that half the people in Athens are divorced, I came across the following exciting wikipedia entry, which although proclaiming to list the divorce marriage ratio, actually lists how much of a backwards shithole your country is.

Let’s take a look at some of the  countries with a divorce rate of less than 10%: Libya, Bahamas, Tajikistan, Syria.
First off Libya – now ruled by militias, because the UK helped bomb the government into dust. Trash a government, and the AK-47 wielding unemployed youth get all uppity. Who knew?
Bahamas – high murder rate, awful cooking.
Tajikistan – any country ending with “stan” is terrible.
Syria – used to be quite nice until we supported the terrorists against the government and turned the place into another shithole. Again. Sorry about that. Please don’t stab me in the street. I didn’t personally do it, although I did pay taxes to help, so I guess I am to blame a little. Thinking about it, maybe this is UK economic policy. Ruin other countries, to make ours look good.

But I didn’t mean to slag off British foreign bombing policy, I meant to say this:
Men generally don’t need to bother with divorce, it costs us a fortune, lowers the chance of a decent breakfast, and we know after a good argument with the Mrs we will get brilliant make up sex. Nice. So only a woman who is truly sick and tired of her husbands bullshit will get divorced. But if your country isn’t really a fan of the whole “woman as humans” concept then chances are she won’t have a job, her signature is worth less than her husbands, and good luck having your own bank account with anything in it.
So nations where woman *can and do* get divorced, are obviously more civilised.

I did consider the aspect that superb childhood education will teach adults to live together in blissful, respectful harmony, and maybe Libya just has some incredible schools, but then I punched myself in the face for such a stupid thought.

Also, top divorce rate at 71% – Belgium.

Children’s birthday parties, an unstoppable chain reaction

evil clown

Here is a great business model, based on middle class guilt, the willingness of mothers to waste money, and their ability to convince fathers to waste money:

  1. Find a parent who has a child at a decent school, you may use; median income, number of name brand trainers, or general colour of the kids as a guide for this.
  2. Host a free birthday party for that kid and 30 other screeching tykes they get to invite, supply the event location, treat bags including a flyer for your company which organised all this, a malevolent looking clown and the opportunity to buy 3 photos for £15, because parents lose all sense of perspective when a piece of paper with their brats particular visage is waved in front of them. Feel free to use shitty pigments that fade after a week, you won’t get called on it.
  3. Wait for further business to come rolling in as the invited kids parents realise they are obliged to join in this fuckwitted chain reaction of kids parties you have started.
  4. When you get sick and tired of this nonsense, announce you will similarly corrupt the concept of “names days” to double your prospective business, wait for the share price to jump, then bail and start a restaurant or principality where children are not allowed.

Universal Basic Income, a world full of pensioners

everyone likes tiddlywinks

Universal Basic Income is the idea that everyone is given a bit of free cash, say £600 a month, for doing nothing, like a plebeian version of the House of Lords expenses, or half the public sector.

Various pilot schemes are being run to try and work out whether this is a good idea or not, but we don’t need these pilot schemes, because we already know the outcome. Pensioners.

Pensioners get given a bit of cash each month, enough so that if they have behaved even vaguely competently in life thus far and acquired a house, they can use that money to buy extravagant £5 meals, including a pint, in canal pubs frequented by biker gangs with a heart of gold.
The incompetent pensioners won’t have enough money, because they shoved all their earnings into fruit machines over 40 years worth of Friday nights out, so they will spend their time bitching about how they can’t live on the money they get, whilst simultaneously living on the money they get.
A few pensioners will give talks on subjects which they may actually understand for the benefit of society, and a few will just spout nonsense about how your brain gets full when you get old, and that’s why you have trouble remembering where you put your glasses.

Greek civilisation, hit and miss

greek parking, at the bus stop

One one hand we have the above image, a caricature of the streets of Athens. A car parked at a bus stop. The car ironically being used to *teach* driving and presumably parking etiquette. Great lesson. The cherry on top being a motorcycle in the middle of the pavement. It’s like a double “fuck you” to pedestrians -“You ain’t catching the bus, and the pavements ours as well”. That car was also in the exact same spot 24 hours later. Still, it helps keep the near dead population down.

On the other hand we have the masses of stray cats, sunning themselves in the streets and gardens of Athens, looking anywhere between preened and like they just got out of bed (reasonable, when you sleep so much of the day). In such shitholes as half of India, these stray animals would be designated as holy, and lazily left to roam uninterrupted into the traffic. In Athens however, from talking to a lady who was attending to a group of 10 cats, I discovered they are fed food to the tune of €300 a month, which would be less, but the arrogant balls of fluff are choosy about which brands they eat. They have also been neutered, which is a far sighted and truly civilised act, and one which I wouldn’t have a problem subjecting a “random” 50% of the human population to.

So I think a little shit parking can be excused, in light of “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”, which if Mahatma Gandhi said it, must surely have been with the aim of shaming his own nation.