Pete and Jenny

Pete and Jenny, acrylic on canvas

Pete and Jenny, 2010.
Acrylic on canvas.

Finally a decent picture. The stubble is great, the metallic chain is easy to paint, but looks ok, the sunburnt hooked jew nose and the rest of Pete’s face is coloured just right. Jenny’s left side of face however, is a dirty washy brown, despite me painting it twice in order to try and fix it. Some things can’t be fixed I guess. I was going to give this as a gift, but then I realised it would only be destroyed before its time in some tragicomedy explosion of chaos if I did.


Dad, oil on canvas

Dad, 2009.
Oil on canvas.

My first portrait. Hmm, someone is looking guilty for something. That hair is a mess, and it needs a proper background. Also the “heightened” colour scheme is probably due to me printing the reference photo on a shit printer. This was my last oil, before I moved over to the easier medium of acrylics.