Casino punches are consequence free

A typical casino woman

If you fancy punching a person in the face, the casino is a great place to do it.

Ingredients list:
Two Chinese gamblers, as bad at applying logic to gambling as they are to Chi. Can be found in any casino in the UK.
Two losing gamblers, for availability see above.
A casino that doesn’t care about anything but profits, for availability see above.

So there is a little noise, and one of them gets punched in the face. The casino fusses around for a few minutes, doesn’t kick either of them out, they just let them carry on playing/losing. That lack of control is what you absolutely want in a casino patron. As I recall they were playing on roulette, not exactly a game where your fallacious thinking should be blaming other players for your losses.

If I ran a casino I would get the email list for all the shit gamblers who hang out at the forums, and send them free bet offers. Their email list must be worth a fortune.

Source: I saw that punch thrown in the Grosvenor casino in Brumingham.

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