The 1989 Gameboy has higher pixel density than the Switch

gameboy tetris

The original Nintendo Gameboy from 1989, had a pixel density per inch of 82.79. The Nintendo Switch, using dynamic resolution for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, has a pixel density per inch of 59.35. That’s 368 vertical pixels divided by a 6.2″ screen.

So a game from 1989 has higher pixel than one from 2017.
82 vs 59.
28 years of tech improvement and Nintendo cost cutting in perfect harmony.

Nintendo will fix this be doing a die shrink, and possibly GPU tech bump on the Switch, and forcing it to run in docked mode when portable, the fashionable mid cycle hardware bump. Then you might actually get 720p.

I learnt the art of misleading titles by reading the Daily Telegraph. Where you’d read the title of an article, and the actual article would be the opposite.