Begging charities, go fuck yourselves

Homeless junkie.

It used to be that street beggars had the decency to wear their uniform of:
Sunburnt skin, gained whilst you were stuck in the bloody office.
Foolishly loyal dog.
Lithe physique, not many fat junkies around.
A delicious looking, resentment generating, hot cup of coffee.
Better trainers than the ones you have on, possibly used to outrun the law.

The public would naturally parabolically curve away from the “cup of tea cash to local drug dealer” financial model like an inverted gravity well, and all was well with the world.

Then some immoral scum with sensitive skin decided they could just work from an office and recruit an army of equally morally bankrupt gaudily dressed drone minions to beg for them. So now we are accosted not by individuals, but by roaming, co-ordinated gangs of free loaders, unwilling to actually go and get a proper, society benefiting, useful job, and instead wanting to tell you a sob story and take your hard earned cash.

If you want other people to give you money for no direct benefit for themselves, how about you follow that concept and save some cash yourself, and then work for free? Parasites.

So the next time someone asks you for money in the street you can follow this handy guide:
If beggar has a clipboard, respond “I don’t give to beggars”.
For all other beggars, respond “Fuck off junkie”.

Top leeches in the UK
Jesus Christ, how much?!?!

Rolls-Royce bribes government to avoid bribery charges

Hands in handcuffs

Breaking News: Rolls-Royce (LSE:RR oohhh, a bit less I imagine), Britain’s leading multinational manufacturer, is to pay another bribe of £671m after long-running investigations into claims it paid bribes to land export contracts.

The settlement means the engineering giant will avoid being prosecuted by anti-corruption investigators in the UK, US and Brazil, individual executives should also be off the hook after the latest bribe.

Anti-corruption campaigners said the deal showed the British government was serious about taking bribes, despite years of rhetoric promising to make the UK a hostile environment for the corrupt.

In deals announced on Monday, Rolls-Royce said it would pay £497m to the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO), subject to approval by the high court. It will also pay $169m (£140m) in penalties to the US Department of Justice and $25m to the Brazilian authorities, who can’t believe their luck.


Dad, oil on canvas

Dad, 2009.
Oil on canvas.

My first portrait. Hmm, someone is looking guilty for something. That hair is a mess, and it needs a proper background. Also the “heightened” colour scheme is probably due to me printing the reference photo on a shit printer. This was my last oil, before I moved over to the easier medium of acrylics.