10 amazing women in technology

Ada Lovelace portrait

  1. Ada Lovelace
    With Charles Babbage, helped create the first computer program, on a computer that didn’t actually exist. Together the two of them squandered the chance to progress technology 50 years* forward, and in actual fact kind of did nothing at all except to create a great alternate history scenario point of divergence. Possibly distracted by EastEnders. What a waste.
    *number pulled out my ass.
  2. Hedy Lamarr
    Together with Bob Hope, helped create radar and foil various nazi spy rings (source: some film I watched on netflix a while back).
  3. Umm… I think that’s pretty much all of them


One thought on “10 amazing women in technology”

  1. Rear Admiral Grace Hopper – invented the compiler, helped invent Cobol
    Adele Goldbert – Smalltalk pioneer
    Kathleen Booth – invented Assembly language

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